Acrobatic Dance (Acro)

This exciting style of dance has similarities to rhythmic gymnastics

but focuses on incorporating acrobatics into dance, 

rather than a little bit of dance into a gymnastics routine.

Acrobatic dance has become popular thanks to exposure on shows like Dance Moms and The Next Step.

Acro is a beautiful fusion of classic dance technique with the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements.

We use the internationally recognised Acrobatics Arts Syllabus.

Primary & Level One

These levels provide an excellent introduction to acrobatic dance

and includes fun skills such as somersaults, bridges, 

handstands and pre-cartwheels.

Appropriate for ages 5 years and up

One 60 minute class per week

Level Two - Level Six

These levels continue to build on the progressions of earlier levels

and now include skills like cartwheels, scorpions, headstands, 

front and back walkovers, and arabians.

Once in these levels, the classes are split by ability instead of age.

As acro dancers progress through the higher levels they require a higher degree of technique based in ballet or jazz.

Therefore any student enrolled in acrobatic dance at level two or higher is required to take an additional technique based class.

Levels two - four: one 60 minute acro-dance, and at least one ballet or jazz class

Levels five - six: two 60 minute acro-dance, and at least two additional classes from ballet or jazz

Levels Seven & Eight

These levels really step it up and include the exciting skills of 

flying cartwheels, aerials, and back handsprings.

Dancers now truly focus on seamlessly combining their 

acrobatics into dance performances

The recommended age range starts at 13 years for level seven,

but each student is assessed on ability to ensure they are 

training at a suitable level.

Two 60 minute acro-dance, and at least 

three additional classes from ballet or jazz