Classical Ballet

With pure lines, a graceful elegance, and a beautiful expressiveness, classical ballet has been captivating audiences since the 15th century.

Ballet is still just as popular today with many young girls dreaming of becoming ballerinas.

The core technique of ballet has been the foundation for many modern dance forms,

such as jazz, lyrical and contemporary which makes ballet the perfect place to start. 

What to expect in our ballet clas​ses

Our Classical Programme has been carefully planned to include a balance of technique, conditioning, choreography, and creativity. 

Throughout the year students will experience both syllabus and non-syllabus classes, production and examination work.  

Examinations follow the IDTA syllabus, with the option to sit RAD exams also. 

Preparatory & Primary

These classes are simply magical and a wonderful introduction to moving to music, focusing on imagination and creativity. 

We love to do themes like Princesses, Under the Sea, and Twinkling Stars

 to keep our little dancers engaged while subtly developing the 

foundations for classical ballet technique.

We accept students into preparatory level from 3 years of age.

Must be 4 years old to sit Preparatory exam and 5 years old to sit Primary exam.

Preparatory 30 minute class | Primary 45 minute class

Grade One - Grade Five

From Grade One up, students engage in Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) at the start of each class, a revolutionary programme developing muscle memory, conditioning, and refining ballet technique using fit balls and therabands.

At the start of each year, classes are predominantly training exercises, working on new concepts, building strength and coordination. As the year progresses dancers enjoy applying these techniques into more complex and challenging choreography. 


Grade Five students will be introduced to the excitement of pointe work after passing a pre-pointe assessment.

All students Grade One and over receive their own goal sheet to work on throughout the year to recognise their achievements and progress. 

Students must be at least 7 years old to enter graded exams.

Grades One to Five 60 minute classes

From Grade Three onwards, students are encouraged to take 

an additional dance class per week. 

Intermediate - Advanced Two

Now training at vocational level students are developing their technique to a much higher level, as well as focusing on 

their artistry and performance skills. 

We continue to use the Progressing Ballet Technique programme at the start of class to compliment their training. Our senior students are also educated on the importance of warm up, cross-training, nutrition and recovery to keep their bodies dancing fit.

At this level we are always looking for more performance opportunities for our dancers, with our seniors securing lead roles in shows, learning repertoire from classic ballets, and performing in community events. 

Pointe work is now an important component of all classes.

Vocational students also have their own set of goals to work for.

Students must be at 13 years old to enter vocational ballet exams.

Vocational ballet classes are 90 minutes.

Students at this level should be regularly taking at least 

2 ballet classes and 1 other dance class per week.