Productions are the highlight of the year for many dancers, where they get to see all their hard work and effort come to fruition and enjoy the full experience of performing on the big stage, with lights and costumes, for a real audience. As soon as the dancers arrive at the theatre, everyone is buzzing with excitement. 

These are an excellent opportunity to showcase all the wonderful talents and skills they have been developing in class and it is always exciting for everyone involved to see it all come together. We are very inclusive with our shows, giving everyone from the littlest dancers right through to our adults, time to shine on stage. 

2021 Productions

Escape with us to a winter wonderland as our junior dancers transform into cute snow angels, swarming snowflakes, a cool frost and more.

Guest performances from our Choreography Challenge Champion and our Competition Troupe.

Friday 17th December - 3.00pm

Saturday 18th December - 11.00am

Tickets on sale November 1st

Available from The Globe Theatre

It's showtime for our senior dancers, and this year they are booked to perform the classic ballet Giselle. Who will make it through the audition and claim the lead role and the coveted Silver Slippers? What lengths will disappointed dancers go to if they don't get cast? How can the show go on if the Silver Slippers are missing?

Watch the mystery unfold and see if our dancers can find the culprit and return the Silver Slippers just in time for their performance of Giselle.

Friday 17th December - 6.00pm

Saturday 18th December - 2.00pm

Please note these are the rescheduled dates after we postponed shows due to covid-19 lockdowns. 

If you held tickets for the original show dates please discuss your options with us or The Globe Theatre.